iDentalTouch is a Windows based multi-touch consultation and patient education software for dental health professionals.


iDentalTouch will increase patient satisfaction leading to rise in your clinic's profit and elevate clinic's image.


By showing patients images like panorama, CT and intra-oral camera and also references like clinical images and surgical videos concurrently, iDentalTouch help patients understand the treatment they will receive.


iDentalTouch enhances communication between dentist and patient and also increases the credibility of dental services in clinics and hospitals.


iDentalTouch will decrease psychological burden on the patient with a visually pleasant consultation using a touch screen, and will also increase the rate of consent for surgeries.


In case of absence of a consultant, a substitute staff member can fill in. iDentalTouch will integrate the consultation proces and effectively reduce the consulting time.


Dental consultation directly affects the clinic's profit. iDentalTouch will play the role of critical medium to convince patients for costly surgeries like implants.


Since every consulting content written and recorded on iDentalTouch will be saved in a specific patient's folder, the dental clinic is able to reidentify the patients' dental history.


iDentalTouch will improve patients' confidence in your clinic by sending the consultation pictures to patients' smartphones through internet. Consultation files automatically synchronized to patient's phone using our Cloud technologies